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FINCA Celebrating the Wines of Basque Country - July 26th - 31st

FINCA Celebrating the Wines of Basque Country

Special Tasting Menu & Wine Pairing

Available Sunday, July 26th - July 31st (Dinner 5pm-Close)

$40 food, $24 wine pairings

Nearly every year I venture out to different corners of Spain and search for delicious food and drink. This past May, I returned to Northern Spain to visit some of my favorite producers and also some new ones. With an insatiable desire for new flavors, I was surprised that some of the most impactful experiences came from the tried and true. I began to notice subtle details, which I had previously only gleaned past in my exuberance. Namely, what struck me was how ridiculously appropriate the wines from Northern Spain and in particularly the Basque country are for the summer.

From bright white wines like Txakoli (pronounced CHOCK-oh-lee) to a fresh style of old vine Garnacha red from the neighboring Navarra region, these wines spoke to me, in a different tone than when I last encountered them. These wines are perfect to battle the heat and they are perfect (yes really, they are perfect!) with the food you should be eating regularly this summer.  For me this means chilled seafood, like the pickled shrimp, freshly shucked oysters, and wild Alaskan Salmon. Just so happens we will be serving all of the above and you’re invited!  And should you fall in love with one (or all?) of them, you’ll be able to pop over to the nearest DABC and stock up on these lovely and affordable wines and impress your friends with your insider knowledge.  Finca’s Basque tasting menu will be available for one week only, July 26th to July 31st from 5pm to close, in additional to our regular dinner menu.


Scott Evans